NDP launches filibuster against would-be Tory bill to strip terrorists of Canadian citizenship

National Post | News

OTTAWA — Furious with the Conservative Party for its attempt to overhaul a private member’s bill to include provisions to strip Canadian citizenship from convicted terrorists, the NDP has launched a filibuster in what’s shaping up to be a He Said, She Said procedural battle.

Devinder Shory, the Conservative behind Bill C-425, said the NDP has “reached a new low” by standing in the way of efforts to “protect the safety and security of Canadians and integrity of Canadian citizenship.”

NDP immigration critic Jinny Sims, meanwhile, said the Conservatives are “abusing parliamentary process” and usurping private member’s business to push forward the government’s agenda.

With David Tilson, the Conservative chairman of the Commons committee reviewing the bill, on overseas government business, the NDP and Liberals have taken over the chair and are refusing to allow a vote on a government request for a 30- day extension. It means the committee…

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